All units of 900 MW Srisailam hydel project to be operational next season

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Work on the Srisailam Hydel Power Project, four units of which were damaged during the recent fire accident, is going on the fast track and all the six units of the 900 MW would be able to generate by the next season.

According to TS Genco and TSTransco CMD Devulapalli Prabhakar Rao, the restoration works have been taken up by the Genco officials and staff without taking any assistance from any other organisation. The revival works are underway with the expertise and experience of the Genco officials. This has helped save hundreds of crores of the Genco funds and also on implementation time.

After inspecting the revival works at the Srisailam Hydel Power Plant, the CMD has finalised the action plan for the works to be done by the coming rainy season (June 2021).

“The Srisailam project revival works are going on with high safety standards. As on date two units have been revived and 300 MW of power is generated. By end of this month one more unit would be ready for the generation. By March two more units will come into operation. The works on the fourth unit, which was most damaged, will be completed by June. Generator and transformers for the fourth Unit are getting installed. By June 2021, all the units will be ready and 900 MWs of power will be generated by the reversible pumping methods and this is our aim,” Rao said.

TSGenco has taken it as a challenge to revive the underground Hydel Project which was damaged in the fire mishap disrupting power generation.

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