Amazon-Future Retail case: Singapore Arbitration Centre appoints third arbitrator

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre has appointed the third arbitrator in the Amazon versus Future Retail case.

According to sources, SIAC has appointed Barrister and arbitrator, Micheal Hwang, as the preceding arbitrator.

In November, BusinessLine had reported that both Amazon and Future Group had appointed representatives on their behalf.

Hwang, along with Albert van den Berg, who was appointed on behalf of Amazon and Jan Paulsson who was nominated on behalf of Future Coupon Ltd, will hear the case.

SIAC had given an interim stay award to Amazon against Future Retail selling assets to Reliance Retail.

SIAC had also denied Future Retail’s plea on it not being a party to the case, and jurisdiction objections.

Now, the sources say, hearing is likely to resume as early as in the last week of January.


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