Ericsson teams up with IIHS to help combat Covid-19 pandemic in Tamil Nadu

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Ericsson on Friday announced its collaboration with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) to help combat Covid-19 in Tamil Nadu.

The initiative is aimed at supporting the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits to over 4,000 sanitation workers across 13 Urban Local Bodies in the state.

The initiative will also provide digital-blended training as well as communication material to the workers to enable effective use of the PPE kits. It is aimed at creating awareness around general health and social welfare topics amongst the sanitation workers and their families.

“The initiative will indirectly benefit 1 million people who are served by the 4,000+ sanitation workers and is expected to be completed by 14 January 2021,” Ericsson said in an official release.

The initiative is supported by the Government. The Tamil Nadu Urban Sanitation Support Program (TNUSSP) team will identify the components of the PPE kit, such as face masks, nitrile gloves, headbands, wristbands, and disinfectant soap, that are uniquely designed for sanitation workers to safely practise their occupations.

“Considering the importance of sanitation workers, Ericsson India Global Service Pvt. Ltd in coordination with Indian Institute of Human Settlements is providing the Personal Protective Equipment, which should be utilized regularly by the sanitation workers. This would ensure the safety of sanitation workers and also others,” said Uma Maheshwari Ramachandran, Joint Director (Admin), Directorate of Town Panchayats, IIHS.

Amitabh Ray, Managing Director, Ericsson Global Services said, “Sanitation workers have been at the frontline in the battle against the pandemic and are among the most vulnerable to contact COVID-19 from discarded waste. By financially supporting this initiative as part of our ongoing CSR program, we hope to help improve safeguards to their health.”


The Digital Blended Learning team and Media Lab at IIHS have designed and produced a set of videos in Tamil to help instruct the sanitation workers on the effective practices of PPE use, maintenance, and disposal.

Aromar Revi, Director, IIHS added, “The initiative is intended to reduce the risk of infections among sanitation workers, while also affording them a greater sense of dignity as they carry out their duties. Through this collaboration with Ericsson and support from the Government, we aim to improve the safety standards for sanitation workers in Tamil Nadu and also hope other states can emulate this initiative to benefit frontline workers especially in these crucial times.”

Along with sanitation workers, around 1,000 individuals including professionals from the sanitation and development sectors, academics, government officials and NGOs will also be a part of this initiative in various educational and operational capacities, the company said.

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