Gadkari asks Karnataka to take up ethanol production

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Karnataka can take up ethanol production in a big way, said Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari.

He said this in the backdrop of enough ethanol not being available for 10 per cent blending in petrol, and the road ministry proposing to blend 20 per cent ethanol in gasoline.

Speaking at an event where he virtually inaugurated and laid foundation for Rs 10,904 crore projects in Karnataka, Gadkari called upon the State to produce ethanol in a big way, as it is one of the largest producers of sugarcane in the country, according to an official statement.

He said that the country is already over-producing sugar and rice, and sufficient stock are available with the government. The surplus may be converted to Ethanol, which can be used as an alternative fuel for vehicles. He said that this will not only improve farmers’ income but will also be an indigenous source of fuels for the country.

The Minister maintained that linking agri-produce with fuel will lead to an increase in farmer’s income. Recently, the Road Ministry has sought comments from the public for adoption of E20 fuel — blend of 20 per cent of ethanol with gasoline, as an automotive fuel and for the adoption of mass emission standards for this fuel.

The notification facilitates the development of E20 compliant vehicles. The compatibility of the vehicle to the percentage of ethanol in the blend of ethanol and gasoline shall be defined by the vehicle manufacturer and the same shall be displayed on the vehicle by putting a clearly visible sticker.

Further, he said that 11 road projects of 275 km worth Rs 5083 crore have been awarded in Karnataka during the financial years 2019-21, according to a release.

Gadkari also informed that the Union Government shall invest approximately an amount of Rs 1,16,144 crore in Karnataka State in the coming years, according to official release.

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