Golf over gadgets and a post-dinner cuppa

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Alok Kirloskar

(Head — International Business, Kirloskar Brothers)

1 I like to start my day early, by 5.30-6 am. I believe a calm mind is an integral part of health and wellness. I have incorporated meditation into my routine, which has enhanced my focus levels, and reduced stress.

2 I generally stick to a healthy, plant-based diet with adequate protein. I try to weight-train 2-3 times a week.

3 I’m making a conscious effort to reduce ‘digital distraction’. Incessant use of gadgets and switching between multiple applications is shown to reduce concentration.

4 Work-life balance is a must! Good rest, in fact, ensures enhanced productivity at work. I play golf over the weekends, which I find to be a complete stress-buster. My other interests are reading about business developments, geopolitics and history. I’m a fan of spy movies, as well. I love to spend time with our dog, Zach. He brings a big smile to our faces.

5 My evenings are spent with family: Long dinner-table discussions and light conversation after, sharing updates about our lives. I have some tea after dinner, and go to bed by 11.30 pm.

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