Karnataka captures all farmer details under single platform

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In yet another first of its kind technology adoption in governance, Karnataka has captured all the details of 70 lakh farmers in the state under a single platform.

The Farmer Registration and Unified beneficiary Information System (FRUITS) portal has not only captured the details of land owned by farmers, but also has information on the crops grown, loans taken from banks and financial institutions, insurance cover and also the benefits availed from various Government schemes.

Farmers registered under the FRUITS will be given an identification number. Using this number, the FIs and lending institutions can the land details of the farmers as well as their borrowings and take a quick decision on lending to the farmers depending on their requirements, said Rajeev Chawla, Additional Chief Secretary, e-Governance Dept, Karnataka.

Canara Bank, convenor of the state level bankers committee in Karnataka, was granted access to the FRUITS platform on a pilot basis at an event organised by NABARD on Tuesday.

“Once it is found successful, all other Financial Institutions will be brought on to the Portal so that at one place, all the data pertaining to the loans of the farmers will be available,”Chawla added.

A. Manimekhalai, Executive Director, Canara Bank, observed that Karnataka has always been in the forefront of technical initiatives to improve the ease of banking as can be seen from the various initiatives like BHOOMI Package, Debt Waiver Portal and currently, the FRUITS Portal.

The FRUITS Portal is integrated to the BHOOMI Package of the Karnataka State for fetching and validating the land details. One other important facility of this Portal is online creation of charge by which visit of farmers to Sub-Registrar Office is avoided, Manimekhalai said.

Niraj Verma, Chief General Manager & Head of Karnataka Regional Office, NABARD said that FRUITS Portal is the first of its kind in the country wherein the land and other details of all the farmers in the State are being captured. Verma hoped that this Project should serve as a role model to other States in the country.

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