Maharashtra begins preparations for mass vaccination programme

The Maharashtra Government has commenced preparations for a mass Covid vaccination programme. So far 16,245 state government employees have been registered on the Co-Win portal, who will administer the vaccine to frontline health workers, a media statement issued by the state government said on Wednesday.

A vaccination team will consist of five members. The data of 99 per cent of all health workers in government health institutions and 78 per cent in private health institution, including name, mobile number and email id, has been captured in the State government servers. Covid vaccines would be provided to these workers on a priority basis.

In the first round, about 2.6 lakh government health workers will be vaccinated. So far, more than 90,000 such workers have registered on the Co-Win portal.

Priorities for vaccination have been set and the first group includes health workers from government and private hospitals, salaried workers and staff from the Integrated Child Development Project. Health workers are classified into nine groups, the statement said.

Coordination mechanisms have been put in place at various levels for vaccination. The state-level steering committee would lead a state action force, state control room, district action force at the district level, district control room, taluka action force at the taluka level and taluka control room, the statement added.

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