States get ₹6,195-cr revenue deficit grant from Centre

The Centre has released ₹6,195 crore to 14 States on account of the ninth equated monthly instalment of post devolution revenue deficit grant.

This has been done on the basis of the 15th Finance Commission interim recommendations, the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s office tweeted on Wednesday.

Kerala has received the largest share at ₹1,277 crore, followed by Himachal Pradesh ₹953 crore; Punjab ₹638 crore and Assam ₹632 crore.

The other States that have received this grant are Andhra Pradesh (₹491 crore); Manipur (₹235 crore); Meghalaya (₹41 crore); Mizoram (₹118 crore); Nagaland (₹326 crore); Tamil Nadu (₹335 crore); Tripura (₹270 crore); Uttarakhand ( ₹423 crore); West Bengal (₹418 crore) and Sikkim (₹37 crore)

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