Wistron violence: CPI (M) extends support to workers, slams Karnataka Govt

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The Polit Bureau of CPI (M) that met online here on Saturday, said the protest by workers and the incident that occurred in the Wistron company factory near Bengaluru was a result of non-payment of wages to contract workers for four months and making them work for 12 hours without any overtime pay.

“The multi-national company is a contractor for making i-Phones of Apple corporation. More than 80 per cent of the 10,000 workers employed in the factory are non-permanent contract employees. Such violations of existing laws are the norm in enterprises owned by the MNCs. When the new labour codes come into effect, it will be an open invitation to violate the rights of workers,” the party said.

It said it is strange that the Karnataka Chief Minister is condemning the workers and supporting the company when Apple Corp itself has found that its supplier company had violated norms.

Hails farmers protest

The Polit Bureau also hailed the unity of the 500-plus organisations that are protesting along the Delhi borders demanding repeal of the agri laws and the Electricity (Amendment) Bill. “The Polit Bureau reiterated the CPI(M)’s demand that the Centrerepeal the agri laws and then sit to discuss agrarian reforms with the farmer and other stakeholders and on that basis fresh enactments may be made in Parliament,” a party release added.

It said the miseries imposed due to the pre-pandemic economic slowdown has worsened during the course of the year. “Prime Minister Modi and his government seem totally unconcerned about imposing further burdens and miseries on the people,” the statement said.

The CPI(M) said Modi and the Centre refuse even in the face of exponential job loss and growing hunger to give cash transfers and free food to all needy people. “More than 10 crore tonnes of foodgrains are rotting in the FCI godowns but the government refuses to distribute free food,” it said.

It denounced “the unprecedented cancellation” of the Winter Session of Parliament using the pretext of the Covid pandemic. “The pandemic is not any problem for the BJP to organise its election campaign and rallies but it has chosen to avoid being answerable to Parliament. It is thus abandoning its constitutional responsibility of being accountable in Parliament,” it added.

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